"bigger dxck – i don’t know" – gk

being that time has become just as valuable to me as benjamin franklin has (and sometimes george)
what i do not have time for is early morning phone calls about a dude’s fiancee’s facebook chat messages to me.

i mean –
well, shxt, let me start at the beginning:
i saw a friend request from a girl i used to get at when we were 12 & 13 years old.
and like all old friends who once upon a time exchanged saliva (and every once in a while i’d get my fingers lost beneath her skirt) we immediately began discussing the things we used to do.
i mean – seriously – there’s no way in hell we’d find ourselves in that situation nowadays because aside from the two of us being in our own relationships – i’ve long ago raised the standards of where my fingers go & her current job and quality of life IS NOT the business.

blah blah blah & so forth
and the day passes and life happens

and it’s now 7:12am & my phone is ringing and i’m lightweight pissed because i had just closed my eyes no more than 45 minutes prior.

him: how you know my girl?

me: who is this?

him: this is shawn. how you know my girl?

me: who is your girl?

him: keisha.

me: keisha who? i know plenty of them.

him: keisha smith.

me: i used to finger her back in the day.

him: if i ever see you in the street, i’m gonna whoop your ass. you talking to her on this little facebook shit, i see. you ain’t her friend no more on here. i’m ending that.

me: (feeling like cam’ron) yeah, i been with your wife. but do me a favor. don’t call here again in your life.

and then i hung up the phone and got the rest of my sleep.
i checked facebook hours after waking up and i see that she and i really aren’t friends anymore.

but really? how fxcking insecure do you need to be?
and why you reading her messages?
get over that “every other man is better than me” complex.
asking your girl what the last dude has that you don’t.

“bigger dick, i don’t know” – ghostface killah.


okay okay okay folks.

i’m currently seeking the following:

excellent writers
creative minds
marketing experts (and all around PR folks)
web designers
fashion heads

i’m doing a lot of things folks starting yesterday.
if you want to get in on it – get in now on the ground floor where the struggles and hard work exist.

without struggle there is no progress.

every once in a while i’ll be alone – awake – thinking
and i’ll so my reflecting. thinking about all the crazy, unexpected/expected, uncalled for, necessary shxt that’s happened to me since i last reflected (usually a week time span)
and i’ll try to figure out the source of my happiness.

is it because the kid is 5 & damn near perfect?
is it because i have more friends than the average joe?
is it because i can hope a plane in a few hours – destination unknown – and be perfectly fine once i get where ever we land?
is it because i have the hottest chick in the game loving my brain?

i don’t know.

but what i do know is this:
i love being happy. and i can not imagine giving anyone or anything else the power to take that away from me.


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