this book i’m writing

if i were to write a book about this bullshxt year (2009) – there would only be three chapters.
three long ass chapters.

chapter 1: “suicide & job loss”:
anybody remember the lupoe family in california?
ol’ buddy lost his job, went home, took the family out, then took himself out.
after i got over the shock of it being a black man, i had to look at the economy and ask “what the fxck is going on?” i knew RIGHT THEN that 2009 was finna(fixing to) be some bullshxt.

chapter 2: “i ain’t goin’ to no mo’ funerals. fxck that!”:
didn’t everybody die in 2009? i mean, seriously, who’s left?
all my life i been a firm believer in the negro myth: death happens in threes.
but it seems some mystic force took the jim jones (koolaid man) approach & killed EVERYBODY.
funeral after funeral – 4am phone call after 4am phone call.
i ain’t going to another one.
if you die this week – they better wait til next saturday to bury you behind – or i will be missing!
and we all know a funeral ain’t a funeral til i come through!

(above photo is of a dead man in a funeral home. his family chose to prop his body up in his car. read newspaper caption. #dead #fail #ignorant)

chapter 3: “p.a.n. season”:
most of you already know what a p.a.n. is. if you don’t, let me refer you to t.i.’s song with that namesake.
eff it – it means punk axx n***a.
my homegirl currently dates one of these guys. but he managed to slip through the cracks a few months back to get her.
caught her in a moment of weakness & she went for it.
i mean, don’t get it effed up – she’s a retired whore – so it’s no trophy on his shelf – but he’s still lucky.

what makes him a p.a.n. you ask?

well (and it’s been proven) he’s the kind of guy that will let other dudes blatantly disrespect his woman.
and he sat there – while the dude stared at him, waiting for him to react. and there wasn’t even the threat of violence.
okay…maybe i wouldn’t make p.a.n. a chapter in the book

picture of a punk axx n***a:

if you know some p.a.n.’s, please let me know in the comment section who they are.


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