dear christmas:

pictures placed in blog are random.
shot out to DC with the song:

dear christmas:

you and i go back to the cowboys of moo mesa & a little before that.
remember that year i asked for a g.i. joe tent and my god sister asked for a barbie bike and she fxcked around and got the barbie tent and i got a bmx dirt bike.

i was 7 then & hurt.
that’s the last time i really fxcked with you!

well, i’m grown now & slightly muslim so i can’t really get down with you like that
but i make sure that folks are still happy.

but christmas – i went to sleep with some bullshxt on my brain and the taste of doritos on my touch. cooler ranch, of course. i dare not try one of those new flavors they’re experimenting with. i don’t know why, it’s just not my thing. i been fxcking with cooler ranch since clarissa explained it all – since before doug was rocking out to i-i-i like killer tofu!

so i’m making sure everybody smiles today.
and keeping the people smiling.

but for real for real, christmas – fxck you.


now i’m watching the cleveland/lakers game thinking about the time kobe bryant butt raped that woman – apologized & life was good again. and it probably is very true that tiger woods would be fxcking a white man before he’d be seen with a black woman. who knows.
let’s just be random.


waiting for next week:


i recently learned to never ask the girl whose life was fucked up before you lost contact with her how she is doing and what’s new these days. she answers.

she tells you about her whole family dying within months of each other, and her having to drop out of school to support her mother’s cat and cocaine habit. she goes on to tell you how she no longer trusts men because of some dog she fxcked repeatedly, and she ends with “and how you been?”
and i opt out of responding to the message because i’ve been GREAT – but i don’t want my success to rain on her bullshxt.


reminder to those looking to KEEP UP WITH JONES in 2010:
get your fxcking passports.
we have forecasts to change and lives to get outta the way.
i’m tired of hearing you say “it’s a small world.”
the world isn’t small. THIS COUNTRY is small.
your back yard does not serve as a representative.


so dear christmas:
although you and i no longer fxck around – let’s plan a date sometime in the future (maybe 2022) and do it BIG!

whoever can find out who this girl is, hunt her down and make her eat pork, will win a macbook pro!

oh…and a big fxck you to mrfabulosity for lying saying he was a member of my great fraternity!
that is all.

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