lighten the load

what had happened was i’ve been trying to write for the last few days.
something entertaining. a few jokes for shxts and giggles for you folks, but that proves difficult when the brain is cluttered with images of children flattened by structures meant to last.

and truthfully –
my mind has been cluttered for years.
yeah, this week we mourn for haiti. next week we celebrate birthdays and football games forgetting the troubles of the world.
but some of us hold on to those troubles like old tshirts that still feel good against our backs.

no one is crying for diallo – mumia – louima – sean bell – tyisha miller – bobby hutton – darfur – the original blacks of south africa anymore. no one is crying any longer.

south sudan must have known such sundays.
so there will be no laughs – shxts or giggles.
just real shxt.

dear god:
please lighten the load this one time.


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