such sundays

it’s one of those sundays germany and darfur must have known.
one of those john coltrane moments. back towards the audience types, paying little attention to who’s paying attention to you.
but it’s beautiful out nonetheless.

and it hit me:
a heart broke woman can learn from the mistakes she makes when she makes them. it takes time, often, but she recovers and moves forward realizing the fool she once was.
and that is where the breakdown starts.
because see…
a heartbroken man will remain heartbroken & die that way. and no one will be able to save him.

the irony comes in here: the woman, afraid to get her heart broken, will do everything in her power to avoid this (sometimes) inevitability.
but the man…will often not see it coming – but when it comes he will accept it as something that had to happen – roll with the punch and live in silence for the remainder of his life.

yeah. germany and darfur must have known such sundays.


let’s make this week new. i don’t know how. i don’t know what. but let’s do it.
let us do something fresh and different.
let us notice the color of the buildings. and if we stand still long enough, let us hear the squirrel’s heart beat.

two of the three movies that ever made me cry are on now:
crooklyn & alfie.
the third is the classic: my girl.
remember when thomas j. died. DAMN!!!!
“he can’t see without his glasses. where are his glasses?”
*wipe tears*


but the sun shines through the blinds as it sets over behind the navy base.
and i’m planning to be further with this script than i am now.

so i bid you farewell until the next post.
let’s learn to mend broken hearts and live with smiles.

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