if my friends all live 100 more years – then let me live only 100 years minus one day – so i will not have to suffer too long without them.

happy birthday me

and i decided to write this blog while drunk. i spent the last few hours in a mexican spot with some of the greatest people in the world.
i know – i know: it is my birthday but i just wanna say in my drunk voice: i fxcking love my friends.
we laughed at the bullshit & the past and ordered more shots and more drinks.

and it’s hard to believe that 20-something years ago i came forth and declared this day my own.
well…my own & huey newton’s & michael jordan & the little girl (troy) from crooklyn.

sidenote: evan bayh thinks he’s slick. i’m pretty sure he’s retiring from the senate & will run from president in 2012.

i fxcking love jovie blaylock for being the first one to call me on february 17, 2010 to tell me happy birthday

why do my abs look like this? apparently because i’ve been neglecting them in bally total fitness – but i will get it together. i promise, abs. i got you.

and i’m fxcking wasted on margaritas and washington apple shots. reminds me of seattle with dom & reka & serita & clarise & donte & sometime bobby. good times, i tell ya. one day we’ll all meet back up and drink and laugh. in the meantime we’ll succeed and whatever the fxck it is we’re doing.
and it would be perfect to wake up to my grandma rene’s fried potatoes, fried eggs, bacon, biscuits, fried apples & orange juice. and maybe a coffee. instead, though, i’ll wake up to 67 text inbox “happy birthday” messages and the dry mouth. i don’t mind. i love this life regardless.

and i will gather my thoughts within 5 minutes & then remember that i will spend 7 hours on a flight – end up in los angeles – get picked up by @jefro5 – and head straight to the spot where drinking and laughter will commence. sound good?
fxck yeah.

in real life i’m headed to LA to produce a film & get some networking done during the image and academy awards. this is where i feel important.

and i’m waiting on the gifts to roll in.
wanna send me something?
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and my waitress tonight was 7 months pregnant and wanted to tell me about it all.
she’s naming the baby iesha or sidney & the father can’t decide between her & his ex – but in the meantime he’s laid up in her (the waitress) house.

so it’s my birthday – and i want to thank my beautiful mother before i thank all those who remember.
thanks MOM for doing what you had to do to get me where i needed to be.

and i’m in a sentimental mood. i’m realizing i have folks that i’ve been friends with for more than half my life.
i have dreams to remember (like otis).
i have folksi hope call instead of text and i have smiles that need to get out.

who doesn’t want to be happy?
so why aren’t you?


and remember: our deepest fear is…(you know)

side note: i’m drunk – so pay no attention to me making sense.

and on that note – i will allow the drunkenness to get the best of me & eat and maybe pass out on this leather couch.
i love you all.

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