tough times don’t last – tough people do.

-am i the only one surprised tyler perry hasn’t made a sitcom or comedy film about the haiti earthquake?
-am i the only one pissed that the happy slave, fonzworth bentley (derrick watkins) is still alive?
-whales and chimps are not pets. it’s all fun & games until someone dies or their face is fucked up.

oh…in case i forgot to talk about it:
the 25th anniversary of “we are the world” can go straight to the pits of hell – or wherever that scream wyclef belched out came from.
it was god awful.
okay okay okay – not god awful. (house of payne is god awful). we are the world was just bad and should have been left the hell alone like jay z said. they should have just digitally remastered it or show a video to accompany the old one. oh well. it’s done and over.

-and damn BET right now for showing crooklyn, knowing i love that film, but hate the network. oh well, i’ll watch the dvd later.

-do you know how much we could achieve if everybody wasn’t so concerned with receiving credit?

list of people to lose their fame and possibly their life this week:
-fantasia: for that dumbass reality show.
-michael vick: for the same reason.
-bill cosby: for being the bitter, old, black uncle people hate to see show up at the reunion.
-lil mama: for that same stunt she pulled on stage with shawn and alicia.
-many more.

that’s my rant and rave

gregory peck wrote:
tough times don’t last – tough people do.

and the last week has hit with two pseudo celebrity suicides.
tough it out people.
suicide is such a permanent answer for a temporary problem, wouldn’t you say?

i remember high school and there was suicide after suicide. partly because the town i came from was small as fxck and there was nothing to do but go to the mall, “mack the honey dips,” go bowling and then suicide.
one girl was found swinging from the ceiling fan from her belt. her father found her an hour after he told her she couldn’t go away to college because of the C she got on her report card (her first C ever in life).

one boy told him mom he was going for a walk one night, went in front of the school, soaked himself in gasoline and lit the match. the janitor put the flames out. before crying “don’t let me die” two days later, he did.

while i agree that there are people who should just take themselves out of the game, there are still those who are considering it that we will miss very much. (don’t like what i’m saying? there’s an app for that)

and it’s probably safe to say that we all have thought about what it would be like to kill ourselves, or have gotten to the point in our frustration, anger and/or depression and may have thought “man, fuck this life” – but we ain’t doing it.

damn – i forgot where i was going with this part of the blog. oh well. but let me say this:
sometimes all it takes is a phone call or a huge or a text to change someone’s mind. if you think someone is going through it, talk to them and let them know.
it doesn’t have to be all sentimental and soft.

say: i love your punk ass!

that’s it.

(text from @PinkiesNKreme)


so LA is going well.
last week i attended Tarina Tarrantino’s Beauty Premiere in hollywood. I felt like i showed up for a gunfight with a rubberband. Kimora brought the daughters & kelly osbourne came through. i laughed it up with tasha smith and seth green confessed his engagement. all around: a good night.
and like most hollywood big heads, i left early. i was fxcking hungry.

and this week is going to be crazy.
i got the dreams girls premiere (who wants to go – tuesday?)
networking breakfasts, lunches, dinners and hustling & grinding my way to the red carpet of the academy awards.
then very possibly VEGAS with youknowwho. (looking for hotels & shows now)

side note: am i the only one who flashes back to waiting to exhale every time an allstate commercial comes on?

we need to stop putting limits on those who we befriend. you’d be surprised who’d answer the phone when you really need them.
it’s kinda funny how old age makes so many things that once seemed important/out of the question/relevant – not hold so much weight.
At least that’s what old age should do. if not old age, then life experience.
and what i’ve experienced in my travels is that many of the people i once laughed at & bullied in high school turn out to be some of the greatest friends ever – meanwhile, the folks i kicked it with hardest are the ones that wouldn’t leave the comfort of their beds if i were stuck at a train station in compton at 3am. (thanks kiya & eden)

but as you all know – i’m smart. so those bad friends don’t exist in my life. i treat my friends like parachutes. if they aren’t there the first time i need them, i’ll never be needing them again. feel me?

i’m in the mood for a good ass game of hide & go seek.
who’s down?

dear friends & potentials:

i am not the salvation army. do not come to me with sorrow in your eyes and voice – or feeling overly emotional hoping i’ll share your pain or nurse you back to happiness.
i cannot. i will ignore it and speak to you when that mood has passed.

somewhere along the path of here and then – i lose my empathy and i’m not 100% sure where to buy more.

um…what the hell is this mcdonalds commercial with the singing “you got me a 10piece ’cause you’re not so stingy” ?

oh shxt! i finally finished the pilot episode of the project i’ll be starting this spring. woo! it feels good and so far the reviews have been great. so stay tuned. cool?

and dear text message forwarders:
if i get one more text message about the love of jesus & sending to 10 people – i will write you back telling you what to do with that magical, cell phone using jesus of yours.



so i end with this:

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