something to hold on to

a lot of girls be thinking my words are about them.
this is not to get confused. this one’s for you:

you remind me of the poet i was when we slept short-ways on a twin bed up north
nothing fancy – just the shit we felt made us poets
before we understood government assassination was a real threat and you were the only one who knew my phone was tapped by the ethiopian people
it was serious
i’m thinking of taking up refuge or at least playing john legend’s old shit until i feel like a poet again
or at least a dancer
take up arms
raise fists
remove skirts boots and american eagle denim
hoping for at least two and a half good strokes before we pull the condom out of pocket
barbed wire statues the holocaust and turkey bacon
thanks for the jay z mix tape or cd
why are we not calling cd’s mixed cd’s?
i love you now as much as possible given the circumstances
but you know you still my nigga
you’re the only non nigga i call nigga
insert laugh
exhale bullshit
change names
you remember benny
you were there when benny was born
and i assume you’ll be there when the poet dies
left wrist tatted



i’m feeling big. not in the sense of having weight, but colossal.
know what i mean.

i told you i get my best thinking done in the bathroom – usually the shower.
well, i hit the shower today and i was thinking about all i want to do this year, and all i’ve done in years past, and i wanted to pat myself on the back, but i had just finished my 100 pushups for the day and my arms weren’t able to reach back there without a bit of pain.

and i reserve the right to boast.
i worked hard – so fxck those who aren’t able to take it.

side note: the only people pissed off at other people bragging are the people not doing what the should be doing to get what they want. feel me?

and there are a few people i want to thank for my current success and inspiration.
they know who they are.
see you at the winner’s table.


speaking of winning:

history is written by those who win.
so if you’re not winning, don’t worry about the legacy you’re leaving behind – it will be forgotten.

i’ve changed a few of my goals to fit one of the ultimate goals.
it’s not to live forever – but it is to create something that will.
and those of you who know me know how strongly i support education and educating the masses.
and many of you know about my 2013 goal of opening THE SCHOOL OF THE RIGHTEOUS.

it’s actually coming along great. i love it.
it’s what i plan to leave behind.
that will live forever – either the school itself – or the teachings of the students.


and lastly:

our words do not belong to us – but to those who need it.
it’s no surprise to me when people call me an “axxhole” because i know what i say and how it comes across.

but i write those words for those who need to be entertained throughout the day.
not those sitting at a cubicle saddened by the little and big hand on the clock…
but folks who NEED a laugh today because they may have nothing else to hold on to.
so i need them to hold on to those laughs – sometimes in exchange for hope.

feel me?

so pay it forward.


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