he said – she said: poem eight

30 poems in 30 days
day 8: april 14, 2010
(photography by kwesi abbensetts)

he said – she said:

so she said:

my biggest fear is to be forgotten
tucked beneath the covers like after sex undies and wet spots hidden from regular lovers
pull those curtains and love me long
pull out and love me deep
none of these fantasies hold bags
none of my bags are empty
i’ve learned to carry them like my mother and hers
carry on

he said:

when i speak of fingering her
i speak of touching her heart
the space between her legs is void of feelings
she’s been cut deep
it’s just that
we split
i need space
i need feeling
i won’t forget you black girl
i’ve learned to love like my father
part those lips
part those lips
love me like tribesman i am
i won’t cut you
i won’t void your space
i’ll fill it with my bags and love you long time

she said:

i will lay on this bed
don’t lie
don’t burn this bed
i will give you this pulse
and the children to follow
do not cut me deep

he said:

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