do you know stephen? : poem fourteen

30 poems in 30 days
day 14: april 20, 2010
(photography by kwesi abbensetts)

she asked me if i knew stephen
the reason she smoked
she made an attempt at an exorcism
remove these freckles from my face
he found her spot
she was eight then though
and him well into his thirties
he must have been forty my momma said
she read it
i was too young
no i don’t know stephen
the reason you smoke
the reason you black out the moon and sleep with dark shadows on the wall
it was a coatrack that scared you
she’s almost thirty now
he’s almost free now
this next family reunion will be fun
she’ll show up with her feminine side in heels and stories to tell of the uncle the other kids never met
what happened to those pretty freckles we used to tease you about little girl
she ain’t little no more
she’s been waiting for this voice since long before puberty
puberty fucked her up
she now had titties and blood to hide
mama ain’t putting me on the pink and yellow pills
and my ass is being grabbed
i read someplace that smoking stunts your growth
they won’t notice me behind these pigtails and cigarette butts
smoke it to the brown
in there he plays her
he’s touched
they don’t leave fingerprints on the back of his head
but they press play on the other side of his eyelids
he gets free
and i want to come to the reunion
but i don’t know stephen

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