30 poems in 30 days
day 16: april 22, 2010
(photography by kwesi abbensetts)


when you finish the work early
we sit here and wait to die
if we’re lucky it’s soon
fill our pockets with letters hoping they won’t be mistaken for bread by the buzzards and left behind for the loved ones
i’ve become successful at tiptoeing around their beliefs and unasked questions
they just stare hoping the tapping of my knuckles on glass will tell my secrets
these will die with me
i promise
the cars are not yet blurry
we are not yet driving fast enough
the bar mate told me there’s only one life
love has already proven him wrong
i’ve met joselyn
and she told me otherwise
something about black girl with natural hair and a canvas i trust
i trust her
i can’t walk fast enough
i’ve waited slowly
and believed fast
these thoughts move through my head seeking permanent habitation and shelter from the storm
the only real things are dreams
but i can not sleep
i want to die watching others take advantage and for granted these lives
this abyss is staring into me knowing nothing is happening soon
and staring into the mirror is only for vanity’s sake
but they are everywhere

get them from around me!
a watched body never dies
proven wrong by my aunt in 1991 or years that followed or the funeral procession

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