blessed are those who struggle

yeah yeah yeah – new tattoo. “blessed are those who struggle”

yeah, god lives on the other side of the wall.

actually, i’m not 100% sure what i meant by that, but it felt good to say it.
and deep.
speaking of being deep: i hate when poets say “this poem is going to be deep” before they spit the poem and it turns out to be wack as fxck.
nah mean?

if i was forced to give a title to every 30 days, i would call the past 30 days: “the 30 days of insecurities.”
92.3% of the people in my life spent a great deal of those days feeling insecure – whether they admitted it to me or not. what i do know for sure is that i’m no dummie – and i know people (thanks to a few professors, mentors, books, and being who i am) – and i know what insecurity looks and sounds like.

if you’re sitting there asking yourself “is he talking about me?” – then i’m talking about you.

feeling better about my workouts:


and i’m thinking of making a few changes to the reality television world:

i think the biggest loser should NOT be about losing weight…but about real losers:
lisa raye
ray j
kim & reggie

and the list goes on.
i mean, for real! what the hell is the issue?
why does EVERYBODY have a reality show?

the only reality show starring a used-to-be celebrity that was worth watching and that deserved an EMMY was BEING BOBBY BROWN. for real.
that was BY FAR the greatest show ever in life.


i’m learning that my even my reflection is finding it hard to be me. the life is getting a bit hard – but fair – and i love it more now than i did yesterday.


last week was coachella here in LA – crazy crowds, bands, jay -z, cocaine, liquor and diversity.
who could ask for anything more.

okay okay okay – i didn’t do cocaine – but the people i was with did cocaine…
so it was still a great time.

and this is NOT my endorsement to try it.
sigh – stop being so damn sensitive.


and if you’ve been reading, you’d know i’ve been doing 30 poems in 30 days. today i posted poem 19: (check post below).


if these walls could talk…we would think someone was trapped inside of them and be scared as hell.
lol. for real.
#random, i know.
speaking of random, i still dislike 99% of tyler perry’s work.
and i’m about to send a nasty letter to ntozake shange’s house for giving permission to produce her masterpiece.

i hate being an intellectual sometimes.
looking at many of my high school friends, i sometimes think it would have been easier to make nothing of myself, trap myself in a box, and one day die thinking there’s nothing else out there.

then i think:


oh yeah…why are you not following me on twitter? : @skinnyjeanius


and there’s 5 weeks until memorial day.
some of you with the muffin tops may have waited too long to start working out – but those of you with a chance can get the body you really want by then. DO IT!!!!

if you’re reading this…that means you could also be doing crunches right now. right? right? right?


well…don’t wanna bore you relaly and i really dont have much to discuss with you…
so i’ll end it there.


get at me.

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