the return of me

where in the hell do we begin after so long, right?

so in a bunch of randomness – let’s go in.

*in my flawda (florida for the ignorant) accent*:
got robbed by some ol fuc-kass puss-ass boys at a club there and got the macbook pro, camera, passport, business cards and and a great sum of cash taken.

but as i say often on twitter/facebook/phone/whereever: i teach people how to survive with almost nothing.
as a black man, i’ve gone so long doing so much with so little – i am now capable of doing everything with nothing at all.

so here i am, back on top of the world, watching – taking notes, etc.
like, really.

but my brothers graduated and life became so much better for those who achieve and those on their way to do just that.

side note:
thank god for those who got pregnant at 14 and now working at mcdonalds drive-thrus with attitudes and weaves.

how does one tell the story of picking up a strange flight attendant in a hotel parking lot who needs a ride to get alcohol in exchange for discount on a hotel room & along the way they pick up two prostitutes (one who minutes later confessed to be born a man) and then never finding the alcohol.

i guess all that’s left to say is: i got the hotel room discount in elizabeth, new jersey.

thanks flight attendant who is unknown.
(never got the name)


oh snap!
so i’m headed to brooklyn.

i got hype as hell the other day when i met my old buddy @intelligentsias & new friends @thedopestvegan & @fucallyall on the corner of fulton and s portland in fort greene. gotta get like those cool kids and get me a peddle bike and some funky threads. (funky as in dope!!!!)

oh! and i met kwesi abbensetts who, as many of you know, is perhaps the greatest photographer of all time…and provided all the photos for my 30 poems in 30 days.

speaking of 30 poems in 30 days – i know i stopped at 27 – that was because of the robbery.
i’ll finish this this week. watch.

i want something new in life.
what is it though?

-introduce the kid to more culture and greatness: this summer!
-new crepe spot: √
-more spirituality: working on it.
-play this guitar: getting there
-travel more: √

i dont know what it is…but i need it. something real to hold fast to, you know?
it’ll come to me.
until then, i’ll follow these dreams, goals, bucket lists.


so i have a few friends now that…well, i wouldn’t say i’m disappointed in them…but i am not feeling their decision making at the moment.

so to them, i write: (and to whoever needs to hear this)

be happy. what’s the issue? why in the fxck would you ever choose to be unhappy. there is nothing or no one that could make me make that decision.

follow happiness always – and figure the other shit out as it comes. it makes you a better person. i promise.


most of my random thoughts come while in the shower.
the most current shower – here were the thoughts:

no one can ever be 100% them in an intimate relationship.
there is too much compromising which takes pieces of “self away”
so when your partner says “why can’t you just be you?” (or anything close) – you respond with: “because i’m not 100% me. i’m currently 33% you right now.”

feel me?

i’m about to fxck around and write about this. maybe something short for the book
@pabloraul and myself are currently working on.
stay tuned for that info.


so all in all – everything is freaking excellent.
i hope i didn’t bore you all too much.


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