building sand castles

30 poems in 30 days
day 29: may 25, 2010
(photography by kwesi abbensetts)

building sand castles

off building sand castles
let’s build them far away from the water where the sand is soft
i want to grow closer to the end with you
and with nina
and with history books surrounding our feet
your lungs pressed against my shoulder blades
mine pressed against hard wood floors berber carpet and beach towels
there’s a smile waiting in the back of your thoughts beneath the curls
it won’t bloom until your feet hit the water
off building sand castles we should be lucky enough to love in

i left my sanity by the water beneath a tree before a house
one day i’m going to go back because i promised her i would
he’s pressed her lips against my back in places my hand can’t reach
the beautiful tree
not my messy sanity
born to bloom
and love hard like an undercover overprotective girlfriend who will die alone
she will follow in those footsteps left before her eyes
the beautiful tree
not the equally beautiful ex girlfriend

off kissing the water
and going with the flow

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