there’s something about…

i’ve been slacking on the blog, doing a little bit of living.
making sure my timeline and inbox are full of invitations and “let’s kick it” requests.

so – if you’ve been keeping up with jones, you’d know i’m now located in new yawk city again.
there’s something about getting home at 7:30am each morning that i love.

there’s something about:
-rooftop parties in brooklyn and house parties in harlem
-the lake in central park at 3am
-tito’s hookah bar in the lower east side
-the village creperie
-catching the sunrise off the f.d.r. in alphabet city
-the thai spot on sheridan
-standing in front of madison square garden eating street meat thinking of the jay z concert you have yet to catch there
-the conversations with @projectbarbipr & A.S. & @OnMyOwnBeat & the random folks with great taste who love my cologne

who wouldnt want to live there?


there’s something about the wind blowing cool air at night in DC that makes me want to do better in life.
and that’s not to be mistaken with me doing not-so-great now.
i fxcking love my life right now…but when the cool air comes through the screen window in SE DC i know that things are going to be alright.


my doctor called me and told me i could die at any minute if i don’t start taking the medicine that thins my blood out to prevent blood clots.

i mean – i take my medicine – but sometimes i don’t.
and it’s selfish of me, i know, so i’m going to start.

but in the event that i die:

it isn’t a bad thing. inconvenient (but only as much as going to the gas station or bathroom), but not bad. i did it big!

but i’ll be taking the stupid a** medication.

damn, there’s the breeze again.


i want to say this and be done:

there is a special bond you form with those you’ve been to hell and back with.
i know this because i pledged.
the bond i have with my brothers is a bond that is damn near unmatched.

that being said, it bogles my mind how those who have not walked to hell with me (us) think they can be placed higher on the priority list.

the end.

i’m thinking of writing a book about the art of lying.
i want to do a section on those who lie & how that lie should be exposed by those lied to.

1. listen to the lie.
2. confirm that it is a lie.
3. accept it as truth.
4. lose massive amount of respect for the liar.
5. devise plans to TAKEN ‘EM OUT piece by piece.
6. smile in their face.


body update:


i’ve brought my first pair of sneakers in the last 7 years.
crazy right.

now i’m a sneaker lover.


there’s a ice cream sandwich calling my name through the door of the freezer.
so i’m going to wrap this blog up a bit.

so, peace folks.
keep up with me.

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