Pirates Of The…Something

Dear Whomever Wants To Listen(Read, Really):

At risk of sounding like a hater of many things, I’m writing this letter. Ironically, I’m writing to Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now).” Prayerfully, I don’t have to explain irony to you.

I spent the better half of 4am Thursday June 10, 2010 planning a revolution. Perhaps one that will never happen knowing the track record of the people I’d be recruiting. But planning nonetheless. In my head I’ve already freed Mumia and brought Assata home safely and untouched. Knowing the source of my tension headache and why I’m beginning to hate overpaid entertainers and athletes(who have nothing to do with this letter), I knew where this planning was heading.

Why, for fucks sake, is BP ordered to pay only $69million for their role in blackening the gulf, putting in danger the lives of what once lived in the waters, and those who relied on that water for life, while Limewire, the media sharing program from which many of use have downloaded countless hours of Joe Cocker, Lil Wayne, porn and dancing cats, may be ordered to pay upwards of one billion dollars, perhaps more, for their role in keeping the pockets of artists to a minimum. Fuck the artists, give Limewire a slap on the wrist, a pat on the ass and keep it moving.

God forbid there’s a program out there that keeps the artists’ pockets not as fat as they rap them to be. God forbid america (written in lowercase letters to show current disrespectful mood) reprimands a company currently keeping politicians on payroll. In the words of Ed Lover: GTFOHWTBS!

Once the oil is cleaned up, and the fish, birds and sea creatures have been brought back to life miraculously by the powers that be and the magic man on the mountain, what happens? When Limewire shuts down and we can no longer steal the music that isn’t worth buying, what then?

Pack the cars full of dead fish, Crisco, petrol and a book of matches and meet me at your closest BP station. Make sure your internet bill is paid, you have the utorrent program and download your shit from: http://www.isohunt.com.

Damnit. Dear Readers: I think I’ve gotten off track. The point I’m trying to make is this: The government, with their crooked employees, and the companies owned by the same fuckers, have shown their blatant disrespect for the people, and something must be done. They’re playing the role of the college President that allows the football team to murder, smuggle and rape while the average students get expelled for spitting on the sidewalk. Dear Whoever Is In Charge: you remind me of my undergraduate institution’s current president.

And in closing: fuck you artist pissed off at the world for pirating your music. When you use your talents to feed the people garbage, there is a high price to pay. For the amount of money you claim to earn, I think your risk of death should be greater. Each time you get paid, I’d like you to meet me. Bring a blindfold, and a witness.

Fucking Mad and In Love With Old School Music and Free Hip Hop,

Darnell Lamont Walker

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