slightly fucked up: poem 30

30 poems in 30 days
day 30: june 14, 2010
(photography by kwesi abbensetts)

slightly fucked up

it’s slightly fucked up to say god slings dick
but i’m slightly fucked up
the vodka ain’t yet take effect
and i’m eating skittles attempting to taste the rainbows on mars
in search of space from fallen queens
attempting to get drained by the fallen stars
there ain’t no life on mars
just existence
much like this bullshit planet the aliens never visit
i’m chillin’
i’m teaching the children of idiots that god’s within
somewhere near my kidneys with a chalice of gin
yeah that’s him

i’m so slightly fucked up
i find it difficult to hold on to a field nigger thought with a house nigger education
but i maintain

i’m getting high on shit manufactured by eli lilly’s people
it’s been growing in the back yard in the shadows of the steeple
the reason this church is so popular

kill the preacher
kill the preacher
he lies
he didn’t tell her everything
she never learned to look for the god within properly
and crucified the boy when he did so
she never recognized god on that bench
with that bitch
and his hand on his dick
she never learned that shit

the vodka’s kicking in
the pills are kicking in
the skittles and the rainbows
the god and his gin
my fucking kidneys hurt
my liver’s on his way out
i’m selling unicorns on pluto
with not one nigga you know

yeah i’m too far gone
space ain’t what i needed
just a few milligrams of some crazy shit and a bed
knuckles deep in her kitchen
asking venus for head

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