saving africa’s witch children – dear idiots:

dear tiny – toya – bet – tyler perry & the ignorant:

it’s 3:11am (at the start of this letter) – not sure what the end time will be or if it will ever come.
a few minutes ago i decided to dedicate the next 49 minutes of my time to watching this documentary on HBO titled:
saving african’s witch children. a documentary about the children throughout african who have been branded witches by their loved ones and killed, mutilated, banished – all in the name of jesus.


side note: this is what happens when you introduce greed into a society – then force religion onto the now greedy.

i just watched a little boy get delivered to a false prophet, laid out as the false prophet poured some sort of blinding liquid into his eyes so he may not see the good people coming his way ever again, therefore he can cause no harm.
are you kidding me? naw, it’s no joke, i know. that question was hypothetical.

where do you come in, you’re probably asking me.

i mean, as irrelevant as i wish you were, i find you relevant at this hour.
i know too many people who will never understand the importance of helping these children because you’ve given this fictional lives to believe in. you’ve used your powers for evil. YOU, my fictional characters and coon, are the witches.

my sister is a child of a bubble. the television company providing cable inside of her bubble only broadcasts networks showing the shit to which you’ve contributed.
let me say this to you: there is a high price to pay for those using their power and talents to feed garbage to the people. the price i’d like each of you to pay if out of my hands, but these prayers may help.

every so often i ask myself what i’d say when i have the world listening.
i have no clue. i may remain quiet. but i will not throw bubblegum into the crowd, smile, and share with them my dreams of opening another nail shop in atlanta (i’m sure there are enough there).

i digress:

i need a f*cking needled. these bubbles need to be popped.
the children of the children had children who are now fucking.
the bubbles they will live in need to be condemned.

what is the difference between BET & a crack house? (serious question – because i have no answer).

i’m writing to make changes. i’m calling to make changes. i’m marching, changing minds, educating & enlightening to make changes.
i want to save my sister’s life to make changes.

but i don’t want to do it alone.
but i will.

find me.

Pissed Again – May Write More Later & Ready To See Change,

Darnell Lamont Walker

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