a son for a son

a son for a son

i’m selling unicorns at half price
and police badges that once belonged to cops i’ve killed
i’m telling the truth about it all
i keep my gun drawn on the foreheads of their children now
call coach and let him know they’ll be late for soccer practice
they’ll be late for dinner
my late aunt believed in the good of white cops
because the anne frank quote meant something to her
but there is no good behind that badge
under that blue
protected by nipped and white skin
i cannot imagine what it must feel like to have your son killed by cops
i will not stand at my son’s grave unshackled
a son for a son
i’d kill the little bastard
sit him on my knee first
walk him to the corner and buy him bubblegum and tell him the story of his father
the man behind the shield
the man behind the bars that reopen soon
and as soon as they do i’d be there waiting
fuck jesus on this one
there’d be no prayer i’d want answered
there’s no time
plus they call that premeditation
dear prosecutor: you get more time for thinking than for killing a nigga?
paint your children black for me
a son for a son

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  1. Cameolee says:


  2. nakedize says:

    I feel your passion, but keeping it 100 as a love & light activist and voicing my freedom of speech; evil + evil doesn’t equal good or even justice. It just continues the cycle of negativity and doesn’t accomplish anything. Like I said, I totally understand and respect your passion, honesty, freedom of speech, and your heart, but I’m just illuminating the matter because LOVE CONQUERS ALL, hate is vain. Love ya, brother.

    Peace, Love & Light to you:)

    1. this is where we must disagree, but fight side by side. i don’t believe revolution can happen without bloodshed. and sometimes, it doesn’t need to be out of hate, and in many ways, it is out of love.

      1. nakedize says:

        A sad but true reality. Because of humans turning away from our spiritual origination created in the image of God, we have turned to our primal, animalistic, egotistical nature which has spawned evil. Because of people operating in evil and hateful ways, blood sometimes has to be shed in order to protect ourselves and those we love. Now revenge is done out of hate, but defense is sometimes done out of love.

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