round of applause

*round of applause*

no matter how many people applaud at the opening and closing of the curtain – that one absence will make everything feel so empty. “what’s a star when his most important fan is missing.”

last week two of my three accepted plays premiered in the first annual DC Black Theater Festival.
tuesday night we showcased “trip the light poetic”
the crowd appreciated talent – listened to the message – and we walked away with Best Drama.

thanks: tamieka chavis, fieven brehana, alain duroseau, reginald richard, deirdra cherokee taylor, moyston henry, jade andwele, anthony anderson for your hard work, and for helping me turn goals into achievements.

wednesday night – we showcased “all the things you’d be by now if tyler perry’s wife was your mother.” and although the crowd was made up of tyler perry’s target audience, i think they understood the message. they applauded out of default and we didn’t win that battle – but it was great nonetheless.

and in cliché i say: it was good to be a part of the event, no matter how it turned out, the circumstances or situations that occurred. it was good to be well-received. we made history. thank you.


and a real quick “fxck you” to every song that makes us think of our exes and those good times.
those songs that make us think “maybe getting back together wouldnt be that bad”

and “thank you” to those memories that negate all that!


there are millions of people afraid of the dark.
the funny thing is: those same people continue to walk in the shadows, treading.
and when it goes completely black they cry.

here i am to tell them: stop crying, idiots.



and now i’m back in new york city.
i’ve never understood those who’ve said “i hate new york” – until recently analyzing it.
new york pushes you to succeed. there are those who don’t want to succeed.
new york exposes your flaws and weaknesses. there are those who are afraid to have those things exposed for the world to see.
new york is an ocean – compared to the small towns, countries and cities many come from. being a small or average size fish in an ocean is nothing. you become food. the bottom of the food chain. who wants to be there?

i do. i love it. i survive.
most don’t.


destiny and fate have a lot to do with it all – but so do we. because it’s us who must persevere – not fate or destiny. and waiting is a horrible use of time.

years ago i taught myself how to cut off my own thumb. not literally. but figuratively.
in order to save the rest of the hand, it must be done.
you should do the same.


so let’s roll on the floor laughing this sunday in preparation for monday:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Naddy says:

    Keep on keeping on. . .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it. I’m genuinely happy for you and proud of you. Keep up the good work!

    Love you punk!

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