on the eve of…

ramadan kareem!

well…not yet…but in a few hours, right?
so how should we celebrate?

i guess like the rest of those who will be celebrating.
you down to join me on this fasting mission?
i mean, really, why not? except for that fact that you can put down a ham sandwich quicker than precious’ mom, mary.

from august 11 – september 10 you can regain focus on your goals, thoughts, dreams, past accomplishments. perhaps even bring some sort of calm to your life.
say whaaaaaat?!
fasting can do all that, you ask.

ramadan fasting is from sunup to sundown. NO food, NO drink, NOTHING going in that’s wet or edible and/or isn’t life saving. you’ll be hungry and thirsty – but you won’t die. i promise. what i’m proposing we fast from outside of the sunup-sundown ritual…[feel free to follow me. or feel free to just keep up]:

-foods we know aren’t good for us.
-sex [with others and with self] O.o
-friends who aren’t good for us.

let’s begin at midnight, shall we.

let me know if you’re with me, and maybe we can start a blog or something to keep track for the fun of it.


to aid me in the process i’ll be doing another poetry challenge.
i hope you enjoy.

again – we begin at midnight.
let’s go.

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