this is about you

this is about you
(photo by: kwesi abbensetts)

the architect of my dreams has been building walls, moats and fucked up bridges since pre-school days
so asking her to love me the way i want to be loved is impossible
she can’t hear past her own negativity
she can’t go with the flow
so we discuss walking to the river not with it
she wants to kiss the river not me
i don’t blame her
she wants a man like her father’s supplier
there’s a chemical she’s hoping i can release in that brain of hers
this time i thought about complimenting that brain of hers
but instead we wait on virgin soil for the bulldozers her designs call for
she’s left me out here on this square earth alone
the architect designed nothing more than a house with no windows suitable for no one but me
i’m sure it’s beautiful but once inside i can’t see anything but what she’s painted in white on the mat that sits by the doorway
happiness cannot only exist there and in her wanting to build

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