looking for claire

looking for claire

don’t wear the heels
we’re too far beyond those impressions
those nerves
those nights on couches with miles between us next to the bowl of diet popcorn neither of us wanted to touch
this is the me i want to always be for the you that’s growing
the poet you’ve always deserved
the man who sits on trains with the sunny disposition but sad suit
but there are letters in my book for you
find them next to the stubs and restaurant photos

find those old college sweats i gave you
find that six year old cologne spot on the hoodie
blow me a kiss before i turn this screen off

we ain’t gotta be in love to make this happen
i’d marry you simply because i know you’ll hold my hand when i hear about my soul mate dying
that ain’t gotta be you
and you’d be fine with that
loving me can be tough i know
loving you is a struggle, but i’ve been there
to the top
and now i’m beyond it
i got the panoramic shots to prove it
imagine that
the width of the total picture captures the sun and the moon
vit’s far too early for the stars

we’re beyond the laughing for no apparent reason
we’re putting in time this time
all laughs are genuine and all smiles have been etched flintstone-like into this brain of mine
if it doesn’t fit in your pocket leave it
we’ll come back for it later when we get tired of laughing and split this shit down the middle
take what’s yours and consider taking me back

i’m not so far beyond it that i wouldn’t come back for you
i’ll always come back for you until there’s a note left there asking me not to
never go outside of this panoramic
imagine the darkness
imagine this face

let’s love like smart folks do
comfortably excited
when i grab your hand be kind enough to touch my heart
be thoughtful
know that although the photographer caught you with your eyes closed i always remember you staring at me over those bowls of top ramen on that couch
i could have kissed you there

you know i’d wear the suit for you, right?
coordinate colors and assign seats
for you and no other reason
you know i’d be equally pleased by the lake teaching you to survive in harsh waters then pushing you in
because if you know that you know this poem was for you.

One Comment Add yours

  1. T.D. says:

    …I didn’t want it to end!! It was refreshing!! What a lovely pic of Phylicia!! 🙂

    –just a girl looking for Cliff

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