my deathbed bride [you have to promise] (for her – she knows)

my deathbed bride [you have to promise] (for her – she knows)
(photo by: kwesi abbensetts)

i could always be this guy
i show up
i learn his moves so they aren’t mimicked and you become sick of us both
i stray from possessive words and avoid conversation about your family
that’s not fair to either of us
for you to think about them i mean

there are no morning after pills for the thoughts conceived after our conversation last night
so i’ll just wait for these thoughts to grow and attach themselves to my food source before i decide to abort them
i dont know who i find more important
them or me
but you sometimes get higher than both of us
you leave me behind sometimes
i hope it’s cool i find you

i can wait in some small room with minimal noise in case you need to call me late and whisper
or just to hear my keys typing in infinite to help you feel alive
i’m bringing back that old feeling you miss
that overwhelming desire to run naked through the house
then the fear of being caught with me kicks in
so you keep your clothes on and text me from across the room
dear god, don’t let this phone get stolen

i can always be this guy to you
it ain’t gotta be fair to me
you just have to promise to smile on all occasions we have together
and if i die before or after him you have to play my deathbed bride
that one who’s shroud i sniff then wait for in the next life
that has to be you
because this will always be me

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