just entertainment : funny n-words

It’s okay if you’re excited about Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx reviving their dress wearing bad girl characters for the sake of entertainment. Like wise, I need you to understand my anger, disappointment, sadness and thoughts of homicide. Smile, clap and anticipate being the first to break the news to your friends that you have to see Sheneneh and Wanda Rob the MotherBleeping Banks as soon as it hits the theater down the street, but do not turn those smiles into frowns or those clapping hands to fists when explaining, in an intellectual setting, that stereotypes have no foundation and need to be eradicated.

Along with the 2011/early 2012 release date, I would like a formal apology from all parties involved for not only lifting up the people and moving us all back three spaces (go directly to jim crow and sambo. do not pass go. do not collect your 40 acres and a mule), but for having a hand in constructing an identity that will be masked as “oh, it’s just entertainment.” Perhaps a disclaimer:

What you see in this film is in no way a reflection of African-American (Black) society. In fact, it is all made up in an attempt to construct a new race: the N-Words. The N-Words (and “N” is not short for anything) differ from African-Americans in ALL aspects of life. They are merely skinfolk – not kinfolk.

This is not written for those who watch coonisms and buffoonery and have the ability to tell the difference between what is and what isn’t.

One thought on “just entertainment : funny n-words

  1. Yes!! *Le 5 Gold Stars*

    most impressed by the simplistic beauty of race creation/ taxonomy and of course, “skinfolk – not kinfolk”

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