a swift kick

What they say is “abortion is a bigger killer in the black community than AIDS, high blood pressure, etc.” Aside from the government and plenty of individuals saying that it’s not a person you’re killing, I don’t feel it’s something worth arguing about. What one does with their body is what one does with their body. I support the legalization of all drugs, and I support abortion for those who want to get rid of the thing and I support those who are against abortion for whatever reason they have to stand outside of the clinic and throw eggs. Basically: i don’t really give a damn.

But I draw lines. While I believe that a person must believe in something 100% in order to say they believe in it, in this matter I say if you are going to kill the fetus, kill it. But, and this is a big ol’ but, if you are going to take up refuge on the soap box, delivering speeches about your views against the murderous act, keep the fetus, feed it, pop it out and raise a child, raise that child to the best of your abilities. Do not raise a child to grow to be a useless member of society. In such a case, perhaps abortion should have been forced upon the parent. A swift kick to the abdomen could have saved the Africans turned slaves, or Jews turned ashes.

But it’s 2:30am and perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Cultural critic, me.

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