the void filler & noise

if you’re quiet long enough you can hear the outside
the pitter patter of size 6s and 12s and the motherfuckers saying they made it possible for the successful
“nigga if it wasn’t for my absence you’d have been no rapper
if I stuck around yo mama you would have been a doctor
not a millionaire
thank me first then god next”
you hear them?
soon-to-be motherfuckers, they are
fathers they became
I blame the rain for making bitches feel like they need a potential motherfucker
a back rub
and a dick to fill that void
stop listening quietly
plug in the radio
listen to those head voices argue loudly
dicks don’t feel voids and they don’t create new holes
they have the potential to widen a space that’s already there
they become men before the rest of the body
they withdraw from the situation left with nothing more to give
and I’m grateful for mine
just sometimes wish they’d stop listening to the outside
I am not the void filler.

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