everything the last two days brought

i used to think sometimes that me and my grandmother somehow split a soul. i sometimes still think that.
she is one of the best people i know, much like i’d be if i were a 78 year old black woman. she’s 78, and dealing with 78-year-old black woman issues and it’s hard to think about, proven earlier on the phone with my friend tiffany, whose been one of my closest friends since 1992 at Walker Upper Elementary School.
i say all of that to say: i need to go home soon. i miss my grandma irene elizabeth jones.
i miss them all. sometimes all you need is a hug from your mom, a few bites of your favorite meal made by your aunt, and a few laughs with old friends over drinks and nachos. yeah, i’m going home soon.


i’ve spent the last few days falling in love with so many new things, eating dried fruit, cheesecake and touring pluto. 25 minutes ago i walked in to the place where i lay my head, and on the floor was a box and a card. gasp. who remembered my birthday (february 17)? the psychic in me knew exactly who it was.

let me revisit friendship real quick: there are many many many people i call “friend” just because it sometimes makes sense. there are very very few people i call when i need something. these are the people who, if they suddenly became disloyal, would cause me to question it all.
the people i love very much.

so yeah. jill & darling nikki. you two mean the world to me. now i have to eff you up for almost making me drop a few tears. if you could have seen my face when i opened it all. i know i know – the birthday isn’t until tomorrow. but…yeah…i had to.


for valentines day i built that castle that touches the clouds. not to get closer to god, but to get further from y’all:

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