chinese food: and my birth

starting time: 2:23

i’m drunk.

los angeles shuts down too early for me to celebrate like i’d want, but i’ve done plenty tonight (feb 16/17).
i made new friends, ran into evander holyfield, robert townsend, james avery, and the guy that plays red on the five heartbeats at the airport, and made a bee line straight to the bar for the 2-for-1 drinks, then the club where i danced the my birthday in, made new friends and had new drinks forced down my throat. who could ask for anything more.

chinese food. my mom, doreen wells (once walker), ate it plenty while pregnant with me, and i eat it plenty now. probably not so much for that reason, but because i simply love it, and it’s cheap. and they deliver (rain, sleet, snow).
7:14pm she gave birth to her son.

i’m drunk. random, but true. i’ve had too much to drink and not enough to eat, and too much to think about today.
earlier i spoke with a woman who found me transparent. she got to the bottom of them problem in a matter of seconds, almost bringing me to tears. i now know who i am and why i am and what i need to do.
so this birthday is here and i want to thank everyone who’s responsible for this day, especially my mother, who could have made alternate decisions once upon a time, but didn’t.

yeah, i’m drunk.

and it’s my birthday. the day i’ve had several times before. i once got a walkman and a tony toni tone tape. i once got a bike. i once got a surprise party with my closest friends in daytona. i miss them all.
i expect a multitude of messages throughout the day, and hoping for two in particular. they won’t come, i say to myself, but i still hope.

and now i’m tired…and sleepy (yeah, i’m sleepy…because of the effing rum)…and i want to keep going, but i won’t. i will sleep, and smile at the love i’ve been getting since 9pm PST.

i love you all

finished at: 2:41am

darnell lamont walker

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