a bag or two: (the luggage we tote – to her in ’05)

(photo by: kwesi abbensetts)

remember how sexy we thought it was when you walked naked from our bed to our closet and put on my clothes to keep you warm
you’d find all the spots i sprayed with some cologne i bragged about to all the street motherfuckers that knew nothing about smelling important
today you found your own coat that i never touched smelled and can’t remember seeing
we fucked briefly beneath covers
and neither of us felt the need to justify the swiftness
we took it for what it was
it being noon and all
you being in the middle of some very important work
and me lying saying there is a world that needs to be saved
i gave up on the world before college graduation the first time
purely powerful animalistic us is now nothing more than two people in a room sharing more than they should at this point
it’s been over for quite some time
i’m just glad you found the strength to open that heavy ass bag you keep in our closet and dawn your own shirt this time
your shit looks better on you, baby

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