passing down welfare like heart disease

What should we do about the welfare system? Somewhere between eating Focus Hope® cereal and trading books of food stamps for real money, fifty cent on the dollar, in Detroit in the early 90’s and today my thoughts have shifted. It wouldn’t have taken much convincing to get me to carry a picket sign in the name of tax free food during the first Bush’s administration and part of Clinton’s. Now, it’d take the threat of death to keep me from the front lines begging the higher-ups to destroy it. I don’t care enough about it to die for this cause.

Like diabetes and heart disease, welfare has found a place in families, being passed down generation to generation, each taking more advantage than the last. Children born into this system are taught the system, then taught how to “cheat” the system. There is no cheating this welfare system. Those who brag about how they are “getting over,” are saying nothing less than “the government is sending me more money than i deserve, and all I have to do is allow them to make it look as though I am incapable of providing adequate health care, nutrition and resources for my family.” For the most part, however, they are incapable, and not seeking the knowledge that will make them capable of providing such things.

I can’t clap loud enough at this trick the devil (the government) has played. The 20,000 people line in Atlanta last year, all hoping to recieve government assisted housing, was a perfect way to kill many racoons with one shotgun.
1. Make them feel like they need us.
2. Give them all the help they need. Maybe even go overboard, making them feel good about receiving our help.
3. Make them actively seek work, knowing the best thing they’ll get with their education is fast food. Now here’s the trick: if they receive too much (roughly $9/hr) on the job, they will be cut from our system. Let’s see if they can feed those children on $9/hr, and provide them with health care.

Cut the welfare system. While I do not deny the fact that there is a very small percentage of people who may need it, I can without a doubt say that all those I know who currently receive government assistance do not need it. Pull it, and watch them do what we all must do when thrown against a wall: survive. They’ll be okay. Those children they decided to raise in chattel slavery, as they have been, instead of terminating pregnancy or doing what Margaret Garner did for her beloved daughter.

No matter the race, the welfare system paints a negative image of all those using it. Flipping the tables a bit, it is no secret how I feel about the government, and this piece of handout they disguise as help is perhaps in my top three on my list of “things that make me hate parts of the government.”

But hey, it’s 3:15am and I’m listening to Portishead, so this whole thing may have made absolutely no sense. ahh well. Just let me conclude with this: cut off welfare.

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  1. Stephane says:

    As part of the working poor: graduate assistant, with no children. I support social programming like welfare. There are people on it that aren’t trying to get over, and I don’t think anyone knows the actual numbers of those who cheat the system, but previous research says that people who don’t like something they tend to over generalize the negative…so maybe it’s not mostly people trying to cheat the system. Plus, I also know that you only can get UP to 36 months of TANF (actual welfare) even though you can be on food stamps for every, I will always campaign for it. I can not live off of what they pay me. Seriously. Do they need to fix it, yes…get rid of it..I hope they never. I’ve been there, I am there.

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