the places god and i have met

I was raised Christian sort of, and have since left those beliefs behind with the bible, crackers and wine. The last many years I’ve been looking within for god. Within everyone. And it’s funny to say that to a group of hard rock bible toters because they think it’s blasphemous. Then I follow that up with the verse in their good book where it tells them that they are all god. ah well.

This isn’t a note to spark debate but to tell you of the craziness that just happened and how god just picked me up from the corner of Century and Van Ness in Inglewood:

Getting to and from the airport is what I haven’t been too great with over the past couple years. I was packing my things and I realized I still didn’t have a ride to catch my 6:30am flight from LAX. The Bus, I thought. I hope online and check the bus schedule, and the only on that will get me to the airport in time will come by in 17 minutes. I still have things I needed to do, so I go into hyper mode and hit the door. I’m speed walking down the street (I didn’t even have time to pull the handle out and roll the bag. I just carried it). As soon as I got the corner where the bus stop is, the bus flies by me. Keep in mind that I was $.75 short anyway and was gonna beg the driver to let me on.


I hop on my iphone4 and start googling taxi cabs. I already know the 4 mile ride is going to cost me $20 that I’d rather not spend. But what choice do I have. I’m headed to Dallas to support my friend, Larry D Hylton, as he performs at Potter’s House on Easter Sunday. As the taxi cab folks are giving me another number to call, and I’m feeling a deep sigh of frustration coming on as I call for god, a jeep pulls up, rolls down the window and the driver says:

Driver: Are you going to the airport?

Me: Yeah. I missed the bus.

Driver: Oh. I’m going to the airport. I can take you.

Me: Really?

Driver: Yeah. Come on.

I get in. Me, God, and the man in the passenger seat who he was originally dropping off. Turns out the driver has no license, so he’s afraid to pull into the airport, but he needs someone to guide his passenger (assuming it was a relative) to the correct gate. We speed down Century towards the airport, pass the bus the I missed, and pull up to a bus stop.

Driver: You two can catch the bus here, no?

Me: Yeah.

He pulls out three dollars for us to get on together, and hugs his passenger, and pulls away from the curb. The bus pulls up and the driver tells me we don’t have to pay.

Me: Thank you god and your jeep.

now i’m sitting at the gate hungry. if someone walks up with a southern style chicken sandwich meal, i’m going to heaven right now!

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  1. Ken Grace says:

    Cool post man, enjoyed it! Continue you search man and you’ll find him everyday not only in others but in you as well.

  2. Beverly F. Smith says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I once heard a person say that when people give there testimony it gives God glory and encourages others. I too have similar testimonies of how God’s grace carried me when everything and everyone around me said “no”. I am in the process of finishing my first book entitled “He kept me” my story of growing up in SE DC. thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you.

  3. C Hanna says:

    So, I decided to browse through your posts this morning instead of arriving at work early… this is one that really catches my eye. I am happy to see your website has grown and you continue to remain faithfully dedicated to keeping it updated. This commitment will certainly lead to success.
    This post I found personally relatable. I still struggle to see ‘the God’ in others, but I can certainly attest to his greatness and the miracles he has continued to work in my life. The only thing that has ‘kept me’ is FAITH. Not faith that I necessarily found through my own fruition, but that which was nurtured throughout my upbringing. My Faith takes me on a constant pilgrimage with Christ where I focus more on strengthening my spirituality and relying on God to lead me on the path that He desires for my life. I live each day for itself and do my best to stay commited to God and He has continued to show me more and more of his greatness. I pray that you too may find Him and be able to find ‘the God’ in the people you meet from day to day.

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