lots of dummies graduate college

Lots of dummies graduate from college.

Probably not the ideal beginning to this, but it needed to be said. In fact, this not may just touch on my random thoughts on education. And since I began with that as an opener, I will say this: do not let education be the reason you hold your head high, and place you ego above so much more. College doesn’t make you smart, just like church doesn’t make you Christian.

It’s graduation season across the country, and 22-year-olds are excited about the accomplishment, as they should be. I remember the day I was awarded that Bachelor of Arts degree, thinking the world was mine. In my case, this was true. But for most, it isn’t. What becomes theirs is a cubicle with a few photo frames and telephone with an extension. They take ownership of Monday morning hatred, and road rage. [fuck…I’m getting off topic, I think]

The people are graduating schools with $80,000 or more to pay back. Where in the hell did that money go? It doesn’t matter, they have to pay it back using the money they get from their $27,500 per year job. A job that has absolutely nothing to do with their degree. A job that requires a high school education or GED. The world being mine, I made the conscious decision not to pay back any loans I have. Aside from my belief that undergrad and grad school taught me absolutely nothing I didn’t already know, I truly believe education should be free.

And back to those who never use their degree. I’m an advocate for education so don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m tired of watching my friends who graduated with a degree and passion for something artistic become math teachers and social workers. To them I say this: if you’re not using your degree, tell the loan people to come repo it. Isn’t that what they do the automobiles? When you stop paying on the loan, they come get what the money paid for.


“Would you like to hear how much you owe exactly,” the loan representative asked me. “No,” I said. He continued his attempts, “well would you like to consolidate?” I laughed and told him “you can do whatever you like, sir. I’m not paying any of it back. If I start now, I would be paying until I died. Who wants to be a slave to a loan company?” Then I hung up.

Damnit…I don’t even remember the point of this.

Do not confuse being “educated” with being “intelligent.” I have friends who barely made it out of High School due to their social lives and sense of humor who are much more intelligent than the friends I sit around starbucks tables with discussing environmental justice and the approach of the ineffective black leaders in white universities. But listening to the bourgeoisie tell the story, there is nothing those who did not attend an institution of higher learning can contribute to intelligentsia or society or their children or life. Again: LOTS OF DUMMIES GRADUATE COLLEGE.

side note: clapping is cool, but in 2011 they’re supposed to graduate from high school. stop rewarding mediocrity. (slightly hypocritical?)

Oh yeah! Free Education For All People. Stop paying those loans. There are ways around it. There are ways to be forgiven if you’re afraid they’ll take drastic measures. FREE.

(written in 5 minutes. didnt feel like editing or reading over for clarity)

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