pecola: for cecil and toni who created worlds beyond stop signs

(photo by: kwesi abbensetts)

pecola breedlove bitches upset me more than the white man who walked in on me watching rosewood and said slavery may not have really existed
that bigotry that doesn’t really plague the south but it sounds good when we say it does and it keeps welfare justifiable
but this time it’s about bitches hating themselves
staring into us for inklings of acceptance
hiding insecurities slightly above the titties
pretending to be upset when we never notice their eyes
i fear looking into your eyes at the hues and blues that frequent
i may get stuck there
i may rip away your lousy breast
i may stare into the abyss
i fear allowing you to look into me because there may be a blue-eyed son of a three-mother fucker attempting to lose himself in a world he created from a book by well-read hanger-on
a george washington of copenhagen
if you poke your eyes out this just might work

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