what i did learn from a professor i do not remember was this: how to examine my pain.

it is very true what they write, say, scream about unexamined lives. (google that).
“you don’t know what i’ve been through” they shout in hopes you will accept their shortcomings. i never do. i don’t accept them because i know, and i’m sure i’m 100% correct, that they have not examined what it was they went through for themselves before presenting these occurrences to me.

what happened happened. they passed it off and moved on through time, denying that any further action needed to be taken. how does that pain feel and how does it differ from the other pain you’ve had? what caused that pain? what’s going to keep that pain away?

i do not know what you’ve been through. but neither do you.

we have to start being present in our own lives.

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