mondays in sudan (probably)

south sudan must have known such mondays.

incomplete thoughts that may not make sense. but something to piss off and discuss.

i’ve been thinking about this for the past few years. not every day, but usually when i walk between the brick buildings the government built to house the women who testify their conceptions were immaculate. there are no josephs in the projects. so this is going to come out in mental notes.

i sat in “the projects” yesterday – a monday – watching my kid on the playground. let this be note number one: since my son’s mother and i split, there was no question that he would spend as much time with me as possible. now that he’s in school, i scoop him for the summer months and the breaks. it’s sad when people are shocked that she let’s him spend that much time with me. what is that about? do you women not trust the men you decided to lay down with that much? i digress.

um…oh! so there was a woman sitting on the bench next to me, talking about she hasn’t seen the father of her child in weeks, and she was giving him one more day before she contacted his probation officer. i’ll bet money she knew he was on probation or probation-bound when she let him stick his penis in. the child they shared sat next to her with a sad look on his face, hoping his father would come, while she went on with the “aint shit” and “sorry motherfucker.”

statement: for the past twenty years the black woman has caused more harm to the black man than the so-called MAN has.
at minimum, they’ve been an accomplice.

if we children of the maury povich generation have learned anything it’s this: sometimes it’s not the men’s fault for not coming around. it’s easy to say “if he really wanted to see his kids he would,” but i was a witness to a woman getting a restraining order on her son’s father for no reason at all – other than spite. then she put him on child support when she found out he was sleeping with another woman, although he was taking great care of his child. then when it’s time to visit, she made it so each of his visit have to be supervised. (sigh) did all of that make sense?

let this be said: if this doesn’t fit you, then it’s not about you.

“no, my child’s father doesn’t help us out.” – woman getting food stamps.
“it’s just me going on the lease. there is no father.” – woman seeking housing.

the government set up the perfect system to turn the black woman against the black man:

-you can live in our houses for little to nothing with as many kids as you want. BUT you can’t work and he can’t live here.
-we will feed you and all your kids, but you can’t work, and he can’t help.
-oh! you need daycare? get him to sign over his custodial rights to you, and send us the papers and we’ll take care of it for you.

benefit: the women i’m talking about in this post LOVE the fact they don’t have to work, and would sell their childrens’ soul to keep that in the contract.

the sun was out, the sky was blue, my head was shaking and all the playing kids were laughing. nobody but me saw the tragedy in this.
south sudan must have known such mondays.

One thought on “mondays in sudan (probably)

  1. D, Im glad to know that you make the time for your son. There are a lot of parents out there (not just fathers, mothers too) that have more pressing issues than spending time with their child. Either way, if you laid down with someone, be prepared for the consequences and putting your own life on hold to make sure that your offsprings needs are met. Personally, if I were in the situation that you and your son’s mother are in I would be just as accomodating and appreciative of the presence you have in his life. I am sure that his life is that much richer and fuller because he has someone with so much knowledge, intelligence and soul providing him with everything his little heart desires!!! And if I know you like I think you do, you could care less what people think about you and the relationship that you have establised with your son. You know that what you are doing is right for both you and him. Keep up the good work D!!!!

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