You Better Not Put My Son In Jail – I’ll Take This Country Down

[for troy davis and jamey rodemeyer]

They must have dreams
They must know how profound their thoughts and dreams can be
and speak them to us to make them come true with and for them
They don’t
They will bottle them and die of imagination attacks at 5 turning into kids who dream the dreams of broken adults
We must tell them not to dream as we do
That we are broken because we were raised by broken people but they can’t be
It must be chains that break this time

My heart hurts or somewhere near it
No state will murder my son
There will be no race to see whose tears hit the concrete floor
At least he never got to see the fall
Or smell the coming of it
He’d be forced to imagine country roads and old wooden fences held together by time
He’d cry about it and his tears would win
I would never write him in autumn
Those oranges and reds of home would come through the pen and pluck those loose lashes from his lids
The closing of summer will be like strapping a young man to a table and killing him
And the fall is never beautiful enough to make us forget what we did

I will not cry toward the sun or the grass for my boy
He will cry over me

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