Dear Darnell Lamont Walker:

Dear Darnell Lamont Walker:

Life is funny sometimes, we discover. You need to send a letter to Brittany thanking her for the inspiration to write CREEP. Who knew it would be so successful? Write her that letter today or tomorrow, but not a day later. What’s funny is you set out to write a book for boys who’d become men and only a handful of them have bought it. Women are buying your book, thanking you for the knowledge and laughing over whiskey sours and tequila shots with you. Be thankful for them. Let that teach you to never pre-determine the audience. Let the people decide for you.

Of all the things you knew would come with age, you never thought the desire to become a “they” would be one of them. An empire can be built faster, and stronger, and everyone, even you, can use a hug every once in a while. Put your nose where the fragrance is sprayed and fall in love there.

Losing your grandmother wasn’t as hard as you imagined, and you move forward more swiftly, perhaps with the strength she left you. Listen to “fix you” by Cold Play, and always remember lights will guide you home. You should look into getting that park she pointed to named after her. The Irene Elizabeth Jones Park.

You have an interview next week for a stable, structured job. What a sacrifice. What are you doing? Can you do that? Go, and see if they love you, or if they, like the woman from Carol’s Daughter, see that you soar too high to be grabbed by a net and placed in a cage. You need to be writing and creating what the world is hungry to see. They can’t hear their stomachs growling, but you can. Feed them.

And if all else fails, I’ll write you another letter and hold you accountable for your bullshit.

I love you in spite of you,
Darnell Lamont Walker

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