hold these hands

i asked only that my hands be held accountable for what it was my heart forgot
lovers who sit on dirt patches when the grass is all around have made me a jealous man
i’m a heartbroken man for no reason with a woman who’s good at planning
she’ll make sure all the pieces fit
and cry if she’s unable to put herself in there too
i’ll make sure she goes but i don’t know if i can tell her that yet
she sleeps early and wakes like that too
and searches for my fingers each time
finding them near
tongues aren’t the ones that learn the language
what my hands have done prove they speak in trebled out tones over seemingly muted throats
hold these hands close to you
hold them accountable for everything unspoken
hold them

One Comment Add yours

  1. tdot says:

    *gasps* *sighs*, honest, moving. ohhh my 🙂

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