Imagined Lives : poem 1 of 30


photo by: kwesi abbensetts

imagined lives told by those with no imagination whatsoever
when we tell stories we leave out birds, bees and how to tie head scarves just right so the hair doesn’t look too crazy or there’s no line across the forehead
those imagined lives across the restaurant talking over plates of the only thing they’d eat from who they believe are still orientals
those lives of women who stopped loving those men years ago and gave what was left to the kids
there is never enough leftover for him to get seconds so he eats elsewhere and pretends to want to sit at the table with the woman who lies worlds apart from him at night
this is imagined and pretend
for all i know they could be lovers with no tongues and no grasp for the english language and staring at the well lit artwork at the chinese buffet is how they communicate
these lives

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