I Hope They Look At Us Like That

We partied, and we loved. And we woke to a new gray, Brooklyn sky to a car that needed to be jumped. Love, though. We did brunch. 

As a kid I absolutely adored Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, James Baldwin and ‘nem. I saw photos of some of the greatest writers laughing together, probably talking about everything but their poetry, prose, literature and writer’s block. Today, I sat at a table with other writers who I believe in, and who have recently become a part of my family. and this is what we came up with:



And I hope they look at us like we looked at them.

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  1. carli says:

    I’m in like with you because your like no other human existing…I hope one day to meet and converse with your likeness. Blessings for your New YEAR!!

    1. that would be amazing. let’s make it happen!

  2. Your joyful, beautiful faces make me smile. I hear the sweet music of your collective laughter, I feel the warmth of your friendship and I am transported back in time.

    1. wow thank you so much!!!

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