Better Than Good Enough: Tickets Purchased


“..traveling alone..the introspective time you are given to take it all in and you start to contemplate doing more radical shit in your life or why you haven’t truly started to yet..and you meet people who are fully immersed in their passions and you find peace in all of it..u see god in all of it…” – Dionne McDonald

I’ve always imagined the greatest travelers have been too humbled by their experiences, they never had a chance to write about them, and they rarely tell the stories out of fear of making their journey sound small. I will find a way to tell you of my journeys.

In everything I’ve always wanted to be better than “good enough.” ‘When Puff was in the tub spilling Mo’, I was at my video; Cris’ on a speedboat.” I love my friends’ excitement when they talk about their upcoming travel plans to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas and other places that remind me of different sections of Miami. And the pictures are beautiful. I want to see a show at the Bolshoi, get some stranger to take photos with me standing in front of The Kremlin.

Devin said Barcelona made him want to tell all of his secrets and goals to a semi stranger he almost fell completely in love with. It was the city. It’s that kind of city, so I have to visit. The Dream mentioned Monaco in what he would probably call a “love song,” so I have to drive down to the south of France, check out Michelin-starred chef, Joel Robuchon, and create lives for the people sitting at the table next to me. Just cliffs and waters, and small boats. I’ll meet a stranger who’ll take me in for the night, and in the morning we’ll take to the sea. Or I’ll put my thumb out on one of the roads leading back to Paris.

Larry sent me a gift last year. It’s a bow-tie, a lighter, and a matchbook from Coffeeshop Stix in Amsterdam. I’ll put on my pink Zara shirt, the light blue bow-tie, and hit the coffee shop and put the lighter to use while drinking a hot chocolate with hashish crystals for 15 minutes. Then to the Heineken Factory. Repeat. Friends don’t send friends to places to they’ve been without amazing tips tools.

I welcome all strangers to find me sitting on some curb, or in some park, and we’ll grab a bite to eat, or tea at high noon. Jump in any photo I take.

Better than good enough.

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