I Appreciate You


I believe deeply in telling those I admire that I admire them when that opportunity presents itself. Calvin wrote me and said “You sir, are a most interesting and amazing observer of the human condition. I appreciate ya.” He has no idea how much I appreciate him. Last year when I was questioning my decisions and my almost semi-permanent settlement in Virginia, I sat down with Dr. Rick Turner and he told me that for as long as he’s been free, and it wasn’t all his life, there has been no masks for him to wear.

I appreciate Calvin for not wearing the masks for anyone, and being able to converse about so many things. His observation of the human condition. My condition, and his support of whatever that is. Thank you, Calvin Coats.

And I’m not anti-drug. This is unrelated to Calvin, by the way. I’ve made myself familiar with those who see things in colors. I believe in the opening of minds by any means possible. I’ve opened my mind and I’ve seen what’s possible when my teeth are grinding if I forget to take the necessary supplements John told me to take two years ago. I’m pro-opening. Pro discovery. Pro journey. I want to take a trip as far as possible and be given the option to return. Of course I will, but I need that option. I require constant feeding, and frequent washing, and journeys. I’m one of those writers who can’t live on words alone, and bread is necessary. I believe in bathroom runs in LA clubs and writing as soon as I get home.

And I appreciate you all for appreciating me from time to time.

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  1. sfcalvinaz says:

    Thank you sir. I am humbled & inspired. I know you will keep on keeping on. It’s in your marrow.

  2. sfcalvinaz says:

    Reblogged this on sfcalvinaz and commented:
    I am humbled & remain in awe of Darnell Lamont Walker. Wow…..

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