In My Goddamn Window


“I was surrounded by phonies…They were coming in the goddam window.” – Holden Caulfied & Me

I’ve been thinking of sleeping on a bus in the middle of the forest. Christopher McCandless has been a hero of mine since mid-June. Perhaps I’ll build a castle that touches the clouds, like Slug. Not to get closer to God, but to get further from y’all.

If you’re not careful, the phonies will leave you believing you’re the phony. My indifference toward Tyler Perry is no secret. I often wake up hoping a voicemail is waiting informing me of his demise. No such luck. However, when I speak out against him, there’s always a phony waiting close by to tell me that I’m the one who’s wrong in the situation. I can’t tell them to suck my cock because it’s impolite, so I share a joke, and move on. I once called his fans idiots. All of them. I still hold tight to this, but for a few moments, I was afraid Betty was correct, and I was the one who was being an idiot for thinking that.

Rachel looked bad. Her poor decisions to ignore proper education, along with her bad manners led me down a path of jokes I’ll never regret. But let THEM tell it, she’s the saint, I’m the sinner. The same THEM who talk shit repeatedly about others when only a few are looking. Phonies never want to look bad in front of the crowd. I shared my jokes with no fucks to offer up to those who watched from afar with judging eyes. Ah well.

I’m smothered by the phonies. Holden hated phonies because they are hypocrites who have been corrupted by the world. I hate them for the same reason. Because the world told them what to laugh at and what to cry for; what to write about and what to abhor, and they stopped being genuine.

They’re coming in my goddamn window.

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  1. Jalil Ahad says:

    Nice work

    Jalil Ahad

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. sfcalvinaz says:

    #Resonates ~ phony ppl are just like litterbugs. They try to use my blissful path for their “litter” when they need to go find a proper dumpster.

  3. Larry Hylton says:

    I love it.

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