Chasing Dragons


Nancy bought me a copy of Blueprint 2 in 2002 because I was too poor at the time to buy my own, and she knew of the stresses and strains me and Dennis were going through trying to be Kappa Men. We were Jay Z heads and it was imperative for each of us to have our own Copy. I think Shay bought her own.

“Nigga, I’m going to Japan tomorrow,” Jay Z told Guru in full excitement. “You understand what I’m saying? Can you believe that?” The only thing I’ve ever been addicted to was biting my nails, so the only dragons I could chase belonged to other people. I needed that dragon Jay Z let slip away. That feeling of being excited about amazing things.

I’m going to Moscow tomorrow! Can you believe that?

I want to always be excited about new things. And although I’m slowly making my way to rich, I’m taking the route where everything excites me. I took a 14 hour bus ride today from Atlanta instead of using my buddy pass because I like to see new things, and be excited about those. And though no one in Moscow or Brussels has been camping out in the airport for five days like I’m a Beatle, there will be people there who will be sad to see me leave. I want to be the reason they’re excited about something. Maybe taking me up on what I will offer them: “If you’re ever in America…hit me up.”

What dragons to chase after this, I haven’t a clue. Maybe my own. I miss the excitement of taking the F and heading down to Chinatown. On Canal and Bowery with someone special standing next to me.

I’m moreso at Jay Z’s reasonable doubt, working my way to Blueprint 2. “I hope you fools choose to listen. I drop jewels.” But I will do it my way.

One thought on “Chasing Dragons

  1. We have something in common, and that’s being excited about experiencing new things. Brussels is on my list of places visit. I am excited for you as if I’m there with you. Please take and share all of your photos.

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