There Must Be Something More We Can Do


I read this: “we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.” – Grey’s Anatomy

And thought this:

Keep calm and carry on, because there’s nothing else we can really do. When all the prevention methods they’ve taught have failed us, the knives have been dulled, and all the bullets expelled from the gun, they have nothing left to say but “keep calm, and carry on.”

There are no classes to teach us how to go on living; with the pain, or without it. But maybe there should be. Maybe chairs should be placed in circles in community centers for those who’ve recently exited relationships involuntarily. Therapists are great because talking to those who aren’t emotionally invested in us can prove beneficial, but sometimes emotionally invested criers coming over with red solo cups are best after the death of a grandmother or best friend. In that, though, you’re still just two people who haven’t been taught properly. I’ve know men and women who’ve pulled over on highways to beat a steering wheel because they couldn’t find anything else to do. I’m lucky. I most times find something else to do.

Track 14 on Reasonable Doubt and Meredith Grey’s Thursday night narrations say it best: You accept it all as life, and carry the hell on. 

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