A MIllion Miles From Where We Began: Thanks Cliff & Claire


One of the greatest things about the Huxtable household was seeing how Cliff and Claire maintained their friendships with so many people over the many years, and those people would come to town and come over and have dinner, and play with the kids and they’d talk about old times, and laugh. As a kid I was so impatient to get to that point in my life when I could make those friends that last throughout my life, and we’d separate for however long, then come back together and have those moments that make it seem like we’ve only been apart a day.

And I look at the life I have now and realize I’m there. Those amazing friends I’ve made who I don’t speak to everyday, but don’t need to, will still meet up with me anywhere in St. Louis, DC, NYC, Miami, Daytona Beach and come to my spot if they’re in Los Angeles. Hell, Last week I was in Belgium and called on Vernon, and he scooped me from Brussel-Centraal and we talked about old times, laughed over lagers and ales, steaks and tequilas, and realized we were a million miles away from where we started. This is that life Cliff and Claire introduced me to, and the life I knew I’d always have.

And because “reality” television killed any chances for the authenticity the Huxtables brought us, I’m here sharing this with you. 

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