Who Are You? Scared, if nothing else.

“I’m Scared That I’m Not Myself In Here, And I’m Scared That I Am.” – Piper (OITNB)

When was the last time you felt pressured to become someone you weren’t, and became that, then feared you were facing who you really are?

It’s almost like losing yourself then given the choice to remain out there. But it’s all about you liking who you become, right? Or at least feeling more comfortable there than in the former space. Look at Caesar the ape. Forced to become someone he wasn’t, but finding his true identity in that. An amazing thing, sometimes, if you’re able to handle it. But what happens with so many is they become so comfortable in the one skin, they wear it til death. They look at those who’ve stared adversity in the face and showed courage, whether they accepted their new life and succeeded, or accepted it and failed, as heroes or fools, but never really equals. 

I trust everyone until given a reason not to, but I trust those who’ve been lost and found their other person more. You’d be shocked at the amount of trust I’ve placed in the heroin addicts I gave needles to in DC. 

I suppose this is why “Who are you?” is such a difficult question to answer. 



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  1. Keri B. says:

    Yeah, that is a good quote; I worried about that while I was in prison, too. I didn’t want it to change me in the negative ways it so often does.

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