What Have You Learned?

the best way I can explain it:

When you’ve gone through hell with someone, surviving the severest strains without breaking, without air, and come out the other side bruised, battered, bloody but unbowed, a title can’t necessarily suffice. To call them a friend seems like an insult, and to call them family feels cheap.

My line brother is more like my right arm than anything else.

And the one thing I know for sure, and the one thing that’s been proven several times since December 11, 2002, is hell isn’t a thing that stops when you’ve achieved a goal. So we show up so the other won’t have to go through it alone. Still. We show up.

Someone asked what have I learned since becoming an old head:

1. You don’t create monsters and turn your back on them.

2. Never compare the process. Compare the passion when it counts.

3. Never complain. When others aren’t working as hard as you, remember we all didn’t join for the same reason.

4. You always remember those who taught you. Those who only beat you are often forgotten.

5. “Pledging is life. Pledging is forever” – K. Turner (gamma theta)


3 thoughts on “What Have You Learned?

  1. I love it man. You have amazing insight. Your’e right, that we don’t come out of our hell when we reach our goal. If we learn our lessons along the way, we just learn how to cope and deal with life, as hell is always followed by another hell, and then another, and then another. that’s life. We learn how to survive or get consumed.

  2. Sir,
    I am not a follower,but a true believer of you…You are refreshing for the toooooo hard to swallow rough days.

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