Profundity & Using It Correctly (Goodbye 2013)

I haven’t had a resolution in years. They never worked for me, and really anyone else I know. I usually just do things, and chalk it up to being proactive with my life goals.

2013 was an awesome year. A dear friend asked “what’ll happen when we die, and get to that other place and they ask you ‘how was Heaven?'” I’ve enjoyed it all. Heaven is alright with me.

Though I’ve learned to live with regrets in ’97 (see Reasonable Doubt), I’ve also learned to come out of everything with more wins than losses.

I’ve let several meaningful relationships slip away, but I’ve built twice those. I greatly miss New York City and Central Park’s 72nd Street Entrance, but I’ve stood in front of The Louvre and walked on Las Ramblas, and talked about Anne Frank in front of her house, and jetted across Europe ,breaking bread with strangers I shared rooms with. Winning.

I regret not waking up at sunrise on any of my 7 days at sea, but I caught every sunset, 5 dolphins, three whales and a fistful of flying fish. Winning.

So this is Heaven, I hope. I love this life and this earth and all parts unknown. The unknown is the most exciting part, I think. That hope that sits there. Doing what the prophet Saul Williams said: I am letting my future dwell in my past so I can live a brighter now.

“I am and always will be that [guy].” – Saul

Profundity (as i attempt to use this correctly): My little cousin died this year. After the regular sadness dissolved, a different sadness took over. She hadn’t seen the moon glow on the other side of the world, or caught 7 days of sunsets on two bodies of water. She would never taste haggis and hate it. And maybe that stuff wasn’t important to her.

The other day I realized my Grandma, Irene E. Jones, has been dead for two years. Then I realized the truth in “it’s a blink from diapers to depends.” 

So hey, I guess my resolution is this: make sure the beautiful things in this life are seen by those (as many of them as possible) who think they are important.

Was that profound enough?

Take off your shirt, throw up your hands, and bring in the greatest year properly.Image

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